Our Staff

Our staff has years of experience in dealing with children in the dental setting. We strive to offer a warm and friendly environment with the highest standard of quality dental care.

Gwen is originally from Houston, and has been working with Dr. Andersen since 1993. She likes pediatric dentistry because “There is a certain feeling I get when I can tell a child that nothing is going to hurt them and truly mean it. The look that they give me to let me know that they trust me, makes what I do very rewarding.”

Diane is the office manager and has been with Dr. Andersen since he completed his pediatric residency in 1993. She attributes her many years with Woodlands Pediatric Dentistry to the compassion of Dr. Andersen, the camaraderie of the staff, and the many patients who have grown up in the practice and seem like family. In her leisure time, Diane spends time with her family and hangs out with her grandchildren. She is also a published author.

Charlotte is from Laurel, Mississippi, and has been with the practice since 1998. She loves being around kids because it brings a smile to her face every day. An interesting fact is that her family has never called her by her name, but instead they call her “Charlie.”

Cindy is from Rockledge, Florida, and has been with the office since 2000. She likes pediatric dentistry because the kids are fun to be around and they say the “darndest things.” An interesting fact about Cindy is that she married her high school sweetheart! Cindy is a  very proud mother of two talented and successful young ladies.

Erika has been with Woodlands Pediatric Dentistry since 2007. She completed an externship with the office and became an employee shortly thereafter. She lives in Willis with her husband, and two children. She enjoys spending time with her children and family. She especially loves watching her son on the soccer field. She is the founder and originator of the “extreme couponers” in the office.

Carol is married and lives in Conroe. She has two sons who no longer live at home. While she misses the hustle and bustle of raising two boys, she is enjoying her empty nest. She has worked in pediatric dentistry since 1983. She loves educating patients and making sure each child’s visit is a positive one. In her spare time, she enjoys watching sports, sewing and cooking.

Shap graduated from The University of Texas School of Dental Hygiene in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene. She is originally from Houston and has a little boy, and two dogs named Max and Ginger. Shap enjoys spending time with her son and close friends in her spare time. She also enjoys traveling, working out, and decorating. She has always found joy in working with children.

Michael Crayton is an award winning balloon artist and balloon decorator. Michael has competed in both local and international competitions. His creations have been praised in the U.S. and Europe. Michael has created balloon art for major sporting events, tourist attractions, and restaurant chains. His incredible balloon decor designs appeal to children and adults alike. You can find Michael at our office Monday – Wednesday from 3:00-5:00 p.m.